Arcom Technical Services Ltd. (Head Office)

Project Scope: Install and configure VisitorLink in the head office.


Project Start: January 2014


Project End: January 2014


Project Value: Operational Project


Description: Arcom decided that rather than hiring a new receptionist it would look for an alternative solution.  That search resulted in not only a purchase and installation of VisitorLink for its head office but an exclusivity arrangement to distribute the product in Canada.


Obstacles: Setting up Lync and configuring the directory structure was an easy process.  Providing some basic orientation to staff got the system up and running within a day!  Now not only does Lync allow office staff to converse with visitors from the lobby, it also provides a rich communication and collaboration tool for staff to interact with each other.


Outcome: Arcom no longer has anyone physically located in the lobby; however, guests can converse with ANY employee (whether they’re in the office or not) due to power of Microsoft Lync, the unified communication backbone of VisitorLink.  The solution ensures visitors can speak with the right individual when they arrive at the office.


The system has not only been a very effective communication and marketing tool, it has enhanced security within the office and improved Arcom’s bottom line!


For more information on this application / installation or to learn more about what a VisitorLink system can do for your business, contact Arcom today!

"The VisitorLink solution has paid for itself several times over since it was installed less than a year ago.  Not only has it proved effective in managing our visitor traffic, it has promoted the use of Lync to make our business communications more efficient."

Arthur "Archie" Smith

President & Founder

Arcom Technical Services Ltd.