Alberta Health Services (Quarry Park Office)

Project Scope: Install VisitorLink terminals in the 2nd and 3rd floor elevator lobbies.


Project Start: June 2014


Project End: October 2014


Project Value: Minor Capital Project


Description: Configuration and installation of 2 custom kiosks to manage visitor traffic on the 2 occupied floors of the facility using VisitorLink as the directory and videoconferencing solution.


Obstacles: Ensuring the menu and staff directory is intuitively configured to meet the needs of visitors is an ongoing process.  The flexibility of the platform allows AHS to make changes as the organization does and as feedback is received from its users, employees and visitors alike.


Outcome: The VisitorLink kiosks connect visitors from the elevator lobby to administrative staff representing several different groups.  Whether guests to the facility are there for an appointment or simply making a pickup or delivery, they are able to converse with the right staff to direct them.


Another significant benefit of using the VisitorLink platform is from a security perspective.  No staff are physically exposed to potential threats as they are behind secure doors and walls.  All visitors are effectively pre-screened using visual and audio dialogue before being allowed past the security doors to physically interact with staff.


For more information on this application / installation or to learn more about what a VisitorLink system can do for your business, contact Arcom today!

"I personally think Arcom gave us some of the best service when it came to deploying the VisitorLink kiosks.  From the beginning we were guided by the how-to's, options, and features available to us.  All-in-all, VisitorLink is a wonderful product that comes from a wonderful, service-oriented company...Arcom."

Adil M.

Unified Communications Specialist

Alberta Health Services