End-to-End Solution Provisioning

Arcom Technical Services Ltd. provides end-to-end delivery of solutions for your business.  Our methodology employs a consultative approach from concept to completion.  This full circle process ensures every step in the lifecycle is carried out prior to moving to the next.

Structured Building & Campus Cabling

‘Structured Cabling’ is the foundation for the delivery of Voice, Data, Internet and Video Conferencing services to the desktop.  With the emergence and migration to “ IP Convergence”, the proper selection of material, along with the design, planning and installation of services will result in cost savings  and technology integration , for years to come.


Unlike hardware, ‘Structured Cabling’ is labour intensive and can be costly to install, upgrade or replace.  To provide an effective, cost effective solution Arcom Technical Services, has partnered with Belden, Panduit and Nextlan to provide design guidelines, installation and maintenance of ‘Structured Cabling’ solutions. Arcom is also COR certified through the Alberta Construction Safety Association.


For the same period, these components are warranted to meet or exceed the specifications of standards organizations including ISO/IEC CENELEC and TIA/EIA for the category of IBDN system installed.  If an IBDN component in an IBDN System fails during the warranty period, Arcom Technical Services will repair or replace the failed component, including labor, at no cost to the original registered owner of the IBDN Structured Cabling System.

Your IBDN Certified Structured Cabling System is also guaranteed to operate the applications which the system was originally designed to support, as well as any new applications, for as long as you own the system in its original place of installation. New applications are defined as any application introduced in the future by recognized standards organizations or user forums that use the TIA/EIA-568 A5 or ISO/IEC IS 11801 component and link/channel specifications for cabling.


Additionally, your IBDN Certified System is guaranteed to provide specific minimum Power Sum bandwidth capabilities and to support specific minimum data rates as indicated in the IBDN Certified System Performance & Warranties Profile published for each system configuration.


Arcom also provides electrical systems connections relating to telecommunications equipment and requirements.  We have on staff, Masters and Journeyman Electricians, to ensure proper, permitted and inspected installations.