Viscount Overview

Freedom is the world’s most advanced and uncomplicated Physical Access Control System. The advancements represent 46 years of experience in the delivery security solutions.  The solution is fully compliant with the US Government’s FIPS-201 standard and HSPD-12 initiatives.


Freedom eliminates the complexity and cost for facility protection as it is software centric.  It does not utilize traditional Access Control Panels.  This eliminates the cost and all of the cyber security risks associated with this legacy technology. (That’s right… no Control Panels!)


Freedom controls doors and elevators by sending commands to a tiny IP-enabled device which becomes just another mac addressable device on the customer’s IT network. Freedom is perfect for those IT departments that need to provide Enterprise-wide Access Control within an understandable framework.   Freedom is also perfect for those that require rapid and cost-effective deployment for smaller applications that may need future expansion.


The Freedom product line has been well thought out in order to ensure that there is a solution for all requirements yet upgrading to more advanced versions is straight forward and economical.


Liberty is the entry-level / smaller-scale solution that utilizes the same technology and topology as all of the Freedom product lines.


The following will help you choose the best technology for your application:

The Freedom topology utilizes your existing network and can significantly reduce the amount of cabling for total access control.  Given their extremely small footprint, the bridge devices can be mounted in the ceiling near each door or can be centrally located in your server room or other secure area.

All control logic is stored in the central server and is capable of multi-tiered redundancy.  The Access Management software is browser-based and can be accessed by any PC that can connect to your network.

The Freedom / Liberty solutions provide rapid, flexible, cost-effective deployment.  Further, operational costs are minimized with no ongoing license fees and a user-serviceable model.  These solutions provide rock-solid security as well as amazingly configurable access control.